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Spiritual Guidance Toward A Family Church Near Me

Many get the calling to follow the Lord and want to attend a family church. Sometimes newcomers come to town whether visiting loved ones are passing through for business or pleasure. Wherever their location is, they can punch in a family church near me, and the GPS on their mobile device will pick up the area and guide them to all the nearby family churches. When searching for a family church near me, and the GPS sends a person straight to the houses of worship, it almost feels like God's hand, giving them spiritual guidance on where to go. Once they see the lists of all the churches that come up, they can decide which church suits them best. Most who are close and in tune with God will follow their heart to where they need to be. Good faith and fellowship make for a remarkable church to attend, and they can fulfill their Sunday obligations.

Eternal Life Harvest Center (ELHC), an Evangelist Church Knoxville, Tennessee, offers God's people. Pastor Evans and Ashley Kariuki founded ELHC and oversee the Firebrand Nation, an evangelistic movement that men and women are a part of who are on fire for the Lord. Their visions of the ministry are to take back what evil has taken over as they give their love and lives back to God. ELHC works from the inside out by working with the depressed, homeless, hopeless, and broken-down people and helping them restore their faith and hope. They spread the gospel while they rebuild communities, and help people spiritually, financially, and physically. ELHC and its congregation strive to follow through with God's commandments by living according to The Word and helping people along the way. The ministries they have to offer is through media ministries, men, children's, women's, and young adult ministries.

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