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Receive Spiritual Counseling in our Local Church in Knoxville, Tennessee

Many people have found Christ in our local church in Knoxville. The mission does not stop at church on Sunday. They have services, prayer groups, events, and other opportunities to worship and serve the Lord. There is never an idol moment when it comes to what this local church in Knoxville does for the community in the name of the Lord. Not a minute in life is missed, they have its ministry ongoing 24/7 with prayer requests taken, almsgiving, spiritual inspiration to attend one of their events or services, and all this goes on online. They have prayer meetings, nights of prayer, midweek services, concerts, nights of worship, and many other events that bring people's hearts back to God. This is a dark world at times, and it takes churches like the local church in Knoxville to show people the way to salvation in Christ Jesus. It is what God calls each of us to do.

Spiritual counseling is there for those in need. ELHC offers not only their hands but their ears to listen and spiritually advise the flock in situations of hard times. Many things happen to us that can shake our faith when life gets in the way. Sometimes there are things that we cannot go at it alone where we need a person to talk out our problems. There are times when a couple's marriage may be on the rocks, or someone hurts us, and people find it hard to forgive. Then there are the people who have a hard time believing and trusting in God. It is up to us to reach out as Christians to help one another, and spiritual counseling from the pastor or other available team members can make a world of difference. Sometimes, people need to know someone cares enough to listen and spiritually guide people through rough waters.

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